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Construction Specifications
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El Mohandiseen Real Estate (EMRE) Ltd. company strategy is to build in the most exclusive part of El Mohandiseen area, the residential area of choice for several well-known personalities and VIPs. Due to the distinguished and exclusive locations of the company's buildings the best consultants have been employed, highest standards selected and attention has been given to the smallest details in order to construct five star buildings.

The building's entrances are designed by specialists from sister company Quest International's asset Ethan Allen Home Interiors, a leading company in the interior design field in Kuwait and the Gulf region.

The following are the main features and specifications of EMRE Ltd. buildings:

  • Good building practice starts with providing an effective waterproofing system. Despite the low cost of waterproofing a large portion of buildings are constructed without any waterproofing. Even if no ground water is encountered during the digging and excavation process it is recommended to use good waterproofing systems as underground water levels may change over time, and moisture may rise to reach the foundations. EMRE employs specialised consultants to design the waterproofing system in accordance with the highest specifications for each of its projects to protect the building basements and foundations from moisture and water leaks. The waterproofing system is also used under the building's roof tiles to protect against rain and water spillage.
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  • All concrete used is supplied by CEMEX, the leading ready mix concrete supplier in Egypt, using the latest equipment. Random samples are taken from each batch of concrete supplied and cast into test cubes that are crush tested by an independent testing agency. Extra attention is given to the building columns, the core of the building's strength, by increasing concrete strength to 300 kg/m2 instead of the usual specifications stipulating a minimum 250 kg/m2.

  • All floor are made with the flat slab pouring technique, leaving no visible concrete beams, adding flexibility and improving appearance.
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  • The interior design of the building's entrance, including the marble walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as lighting and the security counter are designed by a European designer to create a chic ambiance, providing comfort to the tenants and inspiring admiration from visitors. The foyer ceiling in areas vaults to more than 5 meters high, giving a pleasant feeling of cool spaciousness.

  • All staircases, floors, walls, and landings are faced in marble, which has been hand selected by our interior designer to give a bright and clean appearance to the building.

  • Two high quality elevators, each with six passenger capacity ratings, modern stainless steel cabins, and emergency telephones, are installed in the building. Elevator operations are coordinated by a microprocessor programmed to increase their efficiency, providing fast service to tenants. Using an intelligent control system insures that both elevators do not respond to the same controller.
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  • Air conditioning connections, electrical plugs, water drainage and chassis mounts have been prepared to allow apartment owners to install their air conditions while maintaining the appearance of the building by hiding piping and wiring.

  • High quality aluminium windows with smooth profiles have been used for the building's facade.

  • Classical European styled wrought iron railings have been used on the balconies and windows in the front and rear of the building.
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  • Design and execution of electrical works are done in accordance with the highest modern standards, including conduit for: electrical points, telephones, front door intercoms, TV and satellite connections, and the Earth connection.

  • Water supply and drainage systems are designed and executed to the highest standards by professional specialists. Strong polypropylene pipes and water tanks are used for the water supply, which do not rust and have a smooth inner surface preventing sediment build up, making them extremely safe for modern health standards. Durable PVC drain pipes are used, which are chemical, weather, bacteria and fungi resistant. Ventilation has also been build into the drainage system, preventing draining water from causing a vacuum, which would create suction of water from toilet airlocks. This prevents drain odour.

  • The basement car park has elevator access. Floors are finished and made smooth using specialised equipment, then treated with a hard floor compound containing iron powder. This tough finish provides protection against harsh use, protects car tires from excess wear, and gives the car park an attractive finish. The basement floors slope towards floor drains to enable easy cleaning. The car park ceilings are painted white, with walls painted in light colours, and fitted with suitably bright lighting to give tenants a safe environment.
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  • High quality hollow bricks supplied form the best manufacturers have been used, with brick laying work executed by master bricklayers, insuring a high quality finish.

  • Exterior facades are applied carefully to promote the beauty of the balconies and decorative features of the building. The facades are finished using a high quality stone effect or modern durable painting system.

  • Execution of fire fitting equipment is in accordance with the specifications approved by the concerned authorities including a firebox on each floor with a hose reel and valve.
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  • Fire fighting equipment has been installed in accordance with specifications approved by the concerned authorities, including a firebox on each floor, with a hose, reel, and valve.

  • The pavement in front of the building is renewed to hide manholes and fire hydrants with attractive, carefully selected floor tiles.

  • The building's ventilating shafts are painted with strong, durable paint to improve daylight conductivity.
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  • The security guard's room, kitchenette, and bathroom are ventilated with air extracted to the basement exterior.

  • Garbage chutes are connected to the basement and designed to prevent bad odour.

  • Separate mailboxes are provided for each apartment.
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    The buildings are managed in accordance with modern methods, carefully maintaining the building cleanliness and appearance. Twenty four hour security is provided by the top security service provider.
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