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El Mohandiseen Real Estate Ltd.
Founded in Egypt, El Mohandiseen R.E. Development Ltd. is funded and backed by Kuwaiti capital. Specializing in real estate investment and development, its operations are based in both the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company's strategy is focused on real estate in the most prestigious streets of El Mohandiseen area in Cairo, using the highest engineering standards to provide appropriate residence for Cairo's elite. It is this client base who appreciate the artistry of architecture and construction quality we produce, looking for property in this distinguished location.
El Mohandiseen Real Estate operates in Egypt and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently the company is building in Al Ta'if, Saudi Arabia, on the Al Qamariyyah Jewel project. This consists of four separate buildings in Al Qamariyyah area, one of the most desirable areas adjacent to down town Al Ta'if.
The Cairo office is located in 37 Mohei El Din Abu El Ezz Street, El Mohandiseen, Cairo, Egypt.
Al Ta'if Office is located at 1 Mohammed Bin Hani Street, Al Qamariyyah, Al Ta'if, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Eng. Ahmed Qabazard
General Manager: Nasser Qabazard
Marketing Manager: Ali Al Sagheer
Al Qamariyyah Jewel
For details of apartments in Al Qamariyyah Jewel click here
Durrah El Mohandiseen
For details of apartments, commercial and office spaces in Durrah El Mohandiseen click here
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